February 1, 2015: 1939 World’s Fair Newsletter

Welcome to the Fair

The good news for many is that Winter is one-third over and Spring is getting closer.

Be sure to view the photo album from the great-grandchildren of Jesse Weiler.

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Some information I received from Monte.
RE: RCA in the Communications Zone

The Electric Boat Company’s prototype of the Elco 53′ (in 1940 six 57 foot yachts were built) was used in the pool. RCA showed ship-to-shore radio for the first time aboard the Elco. As you know, the World’s Fair ended early because of the situation in Europe.

The Elco was moved to the Brooklyn Navy Yard to be transported back to Elco in New Jersey. Howard Johnson (the restauranteur) saw the boat at the show and purchased the 57′ version of the boat before it hit the water. He had it motored up to Boston, renamed it the DO-HO (after Dorothy his wife and Howard) and then, he had it brought down to Florida. During WW2, the DO-HO was converted into a patrol boat (a deck gun was added). It, and other yachts patrolled the lower New England harbors (more as a show for the nervous locals).

In 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Elco began to build P.T. Boats for the U.S. Navy. The most famous of the Elco P.T. Boats that was built and saw action in the South Pacific during WWII was the Elco Patrol Torpedo Boat number “P.T. 109” commanded by Lieutenant JG John Fitzgerald Kennedy who later became the 35th President of the United States.

After the war it was restored into being a yacht. It is now owned by Shannon Yachts of Bristol, Rhode Island who are restoring the boat to its original glory.

Seeing the World's FairMy dear friend Cathy Scibelli just sent me a copy of “Seeing the New York World’s Fair” – A Magic World for Boys and Girls – written by Elsie – Jean and illustrated by Raymond Bishop.

I hope to have the book on the website in the coming months. I’ll let you know when it is.

Thank you Cathy.

It would be wonderful if those of you who have brochures and flyers from the Fair could either scan them and send me an electronic copy or loan me the item so I can scan them and add them to the site. Of course, they would be returned to you after scanning.

The only way for many people today and in the future to be able to see the printed material from the Fair is on the Internet. When these items are on display in a museum the public can usually only see the cover, they never get to see the wealth of information inside. Having them available on the website is a great resourse for those who are interested and helps ensure the information will be available for future generations.

New on the Website

From the great-grandchildren of Railroad Engineer and Fireman Jesse Weiler comes a World’s Fair album containing 29 photos. It’s amazing that after 75-years that the leather cover is in almost perfect condition. You can find the album is in the Misc. section under “More Fair Photo.” Here’s a direct link to the album: http://www.1939nyworldsfair.com/worlds_fair/wf_tour/misc/misc.htm

 In case you missed these last month:

The letter from Nils T. Granlund to an Akron, Ohio dancer, offering her a job as a scantily clad Sun Worshipers.

I’m sure you are familiar with the Phillip A. Medicus, Wathen, and other films that are available at the Internet Archives. If not, then you should take a look at the films available. For anyone using the films for research you know that finding a particular scene can be labor intensive. With that in mind, I have created a “Time Index” for the Medicus, Wathen, and a few other films. The index is available in the Misc section of the World’s Fair site. There are a few areas that I wasn’t certain about, so if you can help out with that or if you anything that needs correcting, please let me know.

People Seeking Information

Take a look and see if you can help these people find answers to their questions. (Website http://www.1939nyworldsfair.com/people_seeking_information.htm   and on the blog:
http://39wfblog.1939nyworldsfair.com/people-seeking-information ) If you have a question email me and I will add it to the list.

Patti Chase
My mother worked there with gyroscopes. There was a winning crochet pattern that she made several items.  She taught me the pattern when I was very young.  I do not remember the pattern. IS it possible to get that pattern?  I would love to have it and pass it down to my granddaughter.

George Froehlich
glass ballI have glass knob that was made for my grandfather at the fair and wanted to know who might have made it. It is being used as a stick shift knob and would like to know more information about it as I pass it down.

Gordon HaywardPeter Hayward
I have a photo in the form of a postcard of my uncle and his wife & 3 unidentified people that was taken at the 1940 New York World’s fair.  It was obviously taken on a stage set complete with a wagon and fake horse.  One of the people is on the horse & the rest are in the wagon.  I have two questions:  (1) have you ever seen a photograph from the fair of this type? (2) do you have any idea on where it could have been taken at the fair?

Collectors Postcards

24 Collector’s Postcards are available in two sets. Quantities are limited.
Order Collector’s Postcard sets 1 & 2 .
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January 4, 2015: “Remembering Tomorrow,” a film by Albert Fisher

If you enjoyed the 3-part pilot contact WNET/PBS and let them know that they are missing out on a wonderful piece of history.

Thank you Albert for your excellent work.


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